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 What is financial coaching?

My job is to assess your goals, dreams, and future aspirations and design a game plan based on your current situation to ensure you are on the best track to achieve those goals.

Unlike a financial adviser, who primarily handles wealth and is paid on a commission structure, I take a deep dive into your current financial situation to help you eliminate debt, make smarter purchasing decisions, reduce wasteful spending, and find easy opportunities to increase income.

Why should I invest in coaching with you?


Did you know that just $50 per month of wasteful spending will be worth over $100K in 30 years if invested with average returns? Don’t believe me? Click here for the proof. Imagine when I help you save $200, $400, or even $1000+ per month with as little adjustment and sacrifice as possible.

Even if you routinely budget, even if you’re not in debt, and even if you’re a saver, there’s a good chance that you are not optimally utilizing your income to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.


There is plenty of educational material out there and a lot of it is great! However, none of it is tailored to you and your current situation, goals, personality, history, relationships, or anything else that makes you a unique person. Working with me has as much to do with understand who you are, what you’re about, and what you want from life as it has to do with your finances.


Most people know they they save more than they do, they know debt is stressful and expensive, and they know they should attack their credit card debt instead of feeding it. Just like a top personal trainer, I’m here to inspire and encourage you to make the right decision, as tough as it can be. You may be surrounded by family and friends that won’t support you on your goals to get your finances in shape and will tempt you to go on vacation with them, buy a fancy car, and enjoy a shopping spree. I will be there for you to be accountable to.

Peace of Mind

Worrying is the biggest waste of time and energy in life. Imagine that feeling of relief knowing that your debt is quickly dwindling and the money you work so hard for is being used in the best way to serve your present and future. Your sleep will be deeper, your anxiety will dissipate, and you will start enjoying life on a higher level than ever before.

How does coaching work?


The first step is to apply. After reviewing your application, we will jump on a phone call and briefly discuss your situation, goals, and our expectations of each other. If we decide coaching is a good fit, we will proceed with the appropriate plan.

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3 Coaching Programs

Power Hour - Most Flexible

For 1 hour, we cover the pressing issue on your mind. Whether it’s a major purchasing decision or important direction to take in life, this power hour will give you expert knowledge and insight needed to making a more informed decision. The power hour is flexible and comes in handy in stressful times.

Your price: $175

90 Day Financial Transformation - Most Popular

Here we have the time to really dive in to every element of your life and the direction you want to go it. We set up a game plan for the next 90 days to eliminate debt, change spending and saving habits, and find ways to increase income. Included is:

  • Initial 1 hour consultation and game plan.

  • (6) 1 hour Skype calls to review progress, address questions, and tweak the game plan.

  • Monthly homework with worksheets and templates to continuously further your knowledge.

  • Monthly email check-ins between phone calls for additional support and accountability.

    Total Value: $1375

    Your Price: $900 (save 35%)

180 Degree Financial Dominance - Best Value

For the most serious and dedicated, this course is for you. While we start reshaping your viewpoints about money in the 90 Day Financial Transformation Course, your mindset and habits will be ingrained with the 180 Degree Financial Dominance Course, setting you up for dominating your personal finances for the rest of your life.

In 6 months, we have the opportunity to dive deep into the best investment opportunities and strategies, so your investment will pay itself off even quicker.

You will receive:

  • Initial 60 minute consultation and game plan.

  • (12) 1 hour Skype/phone calls to review progress, answer questions, & adjust the strategy.

  • Monthly homework with worksheets and templates to continuously further your knowledge.

  • Monthly email check-ins between phone calls for additional support and accountability.

  • Detailed notes to 6 of the best investing, productivity, and personal development books.

  • (2) Power Hour transferable calls that can be used or given to a family member or friend.

    Total Value: $3015

    Your price: $1650 (save 45%)

Are you finally ready to stop wasting your time & money and start dominating your finances?

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The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem.
— Suze Orman