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Here you can download a free copy of my book about my transition to a plant based lifestyle and how you start living in alignment with your own beliefs.

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If you are looking to reach a new level of mental and physical health, you are in the right place! In just 30 minutes, you will learn:

  • My year long journey from eating 10lbs+ of animal products per week to a 100% plant based diet.

  • The physical, mental, and emotional responses I honestly found...and here’s a spoiler, I DIDN’T FEEL ANY DIFFERENT PHYSICALLY!

  • How this new lifestyle has boosted my confidence and can further your career.

  • Why a 100% plant based diet may NOT be for everyone!

  • How to start living in alignment with your true self and overcoming the numerous challenges that will arise.

  • Tips and advice going forward, including dealing with judgmental people, spreading the truth, and using this information to enhance other areas of your life, plus much more!


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The Ultimate Smoothie Guide: Blending a Better Body in 5 Minutes a Day.


This comprehensive manual will teach you:

  • How a job at Smoothie King as a teen helped me lose 30lbs+lbs of fat in a healthy and enjoyable way to eventually become an internationally represented male model.

  • Why smoothies are the ultimate snack or meal for people that are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, that are incredibly busy, travel frequently, and are on a tight budget. 

  • How protein smoothies are perfect for new and veteran vegetarians and vegans. 

  • Why smoothies at grocery stores can be detrimental to your goals and how my smoothies will propel you towards achieving your goals.

  • How to create your own Bradass smoothies designed specifically for your lifestyle, taste buds, and goals.

  • My top 25+ smoothie recipes to get you well on your way to a healthier and happier life.