I’m Brad and that’s me with my parents around 1991. You see, I was born in South Africa and came to the Tampa, Fl when I was 4.

Being raised by high school educated immigrant parents was a blessing and a curse. The downfall was that I was never around success. My parents never made more than $80k per year combined and were too risk averse to truly invest in real estate or the stock market.

The pro was that debt was viewed as something to avoid, unless absolutely necessary. My parents paid off their credit card every month and only had it to build credit to eventually buy a house.

They also taught me to live humbly and within my means. If I couldn’t afford to pay cash for it, it wasn’t something I could afford.


I also noticed that my parents never pursued any career advancements. They had the very same position at the same company from 1991 all the way up until their retirement 25 years later. They didn’t develop any new skills or work on any side businesses until my mom started selling on Amazon just a few years ago as a part time hobby.

For me, that wasn’t acceptable. I decided to always work on myself and increase my knowledge. First, came physical health and nutrition, then social skills, and eventually finance and investing. I also told myself that I would only pursue a career that I found fun and fulfilling…hence why I became a model…..


As amazing as being a model may sound, it’s only great if you’re a top model. Most of my time was spent looking and waiting for jobs. It’s like being a starving artist, but without a cool skill!

Being a part time model allowed me plenty of time to learn about and practice personal finance strategies. Sometimes, during slow season, I’ll go without a paycheck for several months! I became a professional at effective budgeting and creative strategies to enjoy my life without the burden of debt.

Coupled with my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, I gained first hand experience in the world of advertising and the extensive psychology that goes behind every commercial or print ad that we absorb.

I learned how ad agencies tap into our deepest human needs to lure us in to buying their client’s products. When you understand what they’re doing, you can see it from a mile away. When you have this awareness, you can start taking back your purchasing power.


To this day, I still love modeling as an exciting and exotic part time career, but have found true fulfillment helping fellow models and actors optimally handle their finances and put them in a place where they can still enjoy their lives free from the stress of debt while building a nest egg for the future.

To further my knowledge, I became certified as a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach and am looking forward to helping you eliminate stress, strengthen your marriage, and attain peace of mind by optimizing your personal finances.

You can find me lifting weights, hiking, riding my Trek or my Vespa scooter, drinking 50oz green smoothies, or eating eating at my favorite restaurant, Chipotle! Visit my coaching page here for ways I can help you and contact me below with any general inquiries. If you’d like to see more of my modeling background and experience, click here.